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Paper pulping system

CNBM helps you to build complete paper pulping system according to your need and budget. We can plan and set AMPM production line, continuous cooking system, replacement digester system, super batch cooking production system, washing & bleaching system and other paper pulping line if you asked.

Paper pulping machine

CNBM offers you the world class paper pulping machines including pulp cooking digester, vacuum drum washer, single screw press, twin roll press, disc filter, gravity disc thickener, blowing tank, heat exchanger, and replacement tank. Our products are all certificated with CE and ISO:9001, please purchase at ease.

Auxiliary products

Besides the machines and systems we can planning and engineering, we provide auxiliary products as well. We customize alkali recovery system, bleaching tower, desander, Johnson screen, pressure knotter, pressure screen pulp board machine, pulp diffusion tube and regulating device. We are ready for your orders.

Our story

Expert in manufacture pulp and paper-making machinery
CNBM aka Anyang Machinery Co., Ltd., was founded in 1968. It is one big state owned enterprise which affiliated to China National United Equipment Group corp. It is located in Anyang, Henan Province, China, a famous tourist city with more than 3000 years history. CNBM is specialized in manufacture pulp and paper-making machinery. Now, the CNBM factory covers more than 130000m2 and its yearly production value can reach USD 100 million. CNBM has won reputation among both domestic and overseas. Our high-quality digester, disc filter, vacuum drum washer and other machines and systems have been exported to Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Malaysia and more countries.

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Our Project
heat exchanger
heat exchanger

In Russia, Selenginsk Pulp and Cardboard Mill Company

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200 tons bamboo pulp bleaching line
Main Shaft of Disc Filter
Main Shaft of Disc Filter

In Indonesia, PT. PAKERIN Company

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ZNH25*12 Disc Filter
ZNP35*12 Disc Filter
ZNP35*12 Disc Filter

In Malaysia, Muda Paper

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ZNH35 Disc Filter
ZNH35 Disc Filter

In Vietnam, CHENG YANG paper mill

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ZNH35 Disc Filter
ZNH35 Disc Filter

In India, Parason Company

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Cooking, washing & bleaching equipment
Cooking, washing & bleaching equipment

In HongKong, Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Limited

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Our service
Customized design

According to the actual needs of the clients, we can make special plans for your production lines. We offer paper pulping machines and systems in different specifications and models to meet your requirement and provide customers training technical personnel to help your team to master certain skills. All the services are free.

Tracking and training

In the sales process, we track the production process to ensure the quality and shorten the production cycle. For the clients’ convenience, we send senior technical personnel for free to help with the construction. What’s more, after the construction, we can assign our professional staff to the scene to guide the clients and their teams.

Outsourcing service

CNBM has got the support of advanced paper and pulp technology. Thus, besides the routine services we mentioned above, we can also offer strategic planning, technical support, general contracting service as well. And we help with upgrading and rebuilt of the production line, applications for energy and water saving etc.

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