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chemi-mechanical pulping process

Chemi-machanical pulp called CMP for short. There are semi chemical methods, chemical mechanical method and chemical hot grinding machine method in chemical mechanical pulping. In addition to the chemical or mechanical methods mentioned above, the pulp manufacturing process uses a combination of these two methods to dissociate the fibers from materials and then purify or refine them into raw pulp or bleached pulp.

chemi mechanical pulp

Chemi-mechanical pulp category

Paper pulp can be classified according to the type of raw material, paper pulping process and pulp yield. Chemi-mechanical pulp aka CMP, including APMP, P-RC APMP. The yield of chemical-mechanical pulp is 65-94.

Chemi-mechanical pulp pulping process

The following figure is the process flow chart of APMP.

chemi mechanical pulping process

The raw materials from the preparation area are washed and presteamed by scrubbers, and then sent by the conveying equipment to the stage of extrusion and impregnation through the screw press and the chemical pre-impregnation, and the resulting paper pulp is transported to the second stage of impregnation.The impregnated paper pulp is delivered to the two-stage disc mill, the final paper pulp of the paper pulp separator reaches the intermediate pool, and the finished paper pulp is finally formed after the process of squeezing dehydration and secondary grinding and screening.

Chemi-mechanical pulp features and applications

The chemical treatment conditions were mild and more lignin was retained in the pulp. The yield of pure pulp can be as high as 85 / 90. The properties of chemical and mechanical pulp made of /poad-leaved wood are similar to those of coniferous wood pulp, the paper is compact, the opacity is low, the content of long fiber is more, the fiber bundles are few, and the printability is good. Chemi-machanical pulp can be made into newsprint, printing paper, paperboard, etc.

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