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CNBM aka Anyang machinery has been serve as a SASAC appointed provider of 50-400 thousand tons of batch cooking, continuous cooking and other equipment in conventional cooking system from 1980s. We have provided the complete production line for more than 60 paper making industries. Our pulp and paper machine features quality, reliable, energy saving and long service life.
Depending on our high-quality products and overall service, CNBM has won high reputation among both domestic and overseas. Our products have been exported to Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Malaysia and other countries. With stable and reliable performance, our pulp and paper making equipment has been widely used in the paper making and chemical industry.
auxiliary equipment

Besides the machines and systems we can planning and engineering, we provide auxiliary products as well. We customize alkali recovery system, bleaching tower, desander, Johnson screen, pressure knotter, pressure screen pulp board machine, pulp diffusion tube and regulating device. We are ready for your orders.

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