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Refined Wood Pulp and Paper Pulp Refiner

Paper pulp are made from wood. According to pulping materials, pulping methods and pulp uses, it can be classified as Kraft coniferous pulp, mechanical wood pulp, refined wood pulp and so on. The refined wood pulp is the refined product of the pulp that has been screened by the net system.

What is refiner

The seminal pulp machine is the most basic instrument used in the field of pulp and paper industry test and research. The seminal pulp machine can make wood chip into sizing material, improving the paper pulping ability of pulping material or making wood chip into synthetic fiber, glass fiber and carbon fiber.

paper pulp refiner

The seminal pulp machine belongs to beating equipment. After the net selection of pulp, should not be directly used in paper making. The paper pulp fiber suspended in water is treated by physical method to meet the requirements of paper machine production, and the paper produced can achieve the required quality. This process is called beating pulp.

The essence of seminal pulp beating is to cut the fibers horizontally and longitudinally fine fi/posis by mechanical action. The higher the beating degree of the seminal pulp machine, the higher the paper strength, the better the paper evenness, but the lower the pulp dehydration ability is, the lower the paper strength is, the lower the paper evenness is, and the higher the pulp dehydration ability is. Therefore, it is a key process to ensure the stable production of paper machine and the quality of paper.

The use and characteristics of the refining machine

The refining or beating of wood pulp by seminal pulp machine is the mechanical treatment and modification of fiber, so that they can be formed into paper or board with desired properties. It is one of the most desirable properties for forming paper or cardboard. This is one of the most important unit operations when preparing paper fiber for high quality paper or paperboard, and preparing paper fiber for high quality paper or important unit operation.

The main goal of refining is to improve the binding capacity of the fiber and to form strong and smooth paper with good printing properties. Sometimes the purpose is to shorten the smooth paper and have good printing performance. Sometimes the aim is to form good flakes or to shorten the properties of other pulp, such as absorbability, long fibers to form good sheets or to develop other pulp properties, such as absorbability, porosity or optical properties, Especially for a given grade of paper, or the optical properties of a particular grade of paper.

The most common method of refining or beating is to treat the fiber in the presence of water. Initially, fiber flocculants are collected on the front edge of the display of all refining stages. In this stage of fiber extraction, the consistency usually ranges from 3 to 5. (sometimes, in special cases, the fiber flocculates consist mainly of water. The fiber flocs are compressed and strongly impacted, resulting in the compression of most of the water. At the same time, short fibers with low flocculability are likely to flake off the flocculants. At the same time, the short fibers with low flocculation ability may be stripped off. Only the fibers remaining in the flocculation are compressed and milled. After that, the fibrous flocculent slips will be pressed against the flat strip. After that, the fibrous flocculent slips and compacts it toward the flat strip surface.

refining system

At present, the pulp machine is mainly divided into a conical pulp machine and a disc refiner. The cone refining machine is a continuous beating machine. It consists of a rotor with a flying knife on a steel truncated cone, the outer shell of the inner bottom cutter and the transmission and other mechanism. The beating process is regulated by the relative displacement of the rotor to the shell. The conical seminal pulp machine has common use. Fine pulp machine, high speed seminal pulp machine, hydrated pulp machine and large taper seminal pulp machine, etc. can be used in a single stage and can be used in series. Each seminal pulp machine has its own beating characteristics. The conical seminal pulp machine has the characteristics of compact structure, less land occupation, high efficiency, electricity saving, strong applicability, flexible operation and convenient maintenance. It is the ideal of common use at home and a/poad. The continuous beating equipment can be applied to one or more series, and can be used in series with two disc seminal pulp machines.

The disc seminal pulp machine has the advantages of simple structure, simple operation and almost no cutting off, so it has its unique advantages in the treatment of straw pulp and other grass fibers. Semi-chemical pulp and high yield chemical pulp tend to be treated by disc-shaped seminal pulp. Wood pulp must be cut off, /poom, dredge, hydration and so on, in order to obtain the necessary properties to meet the quality requirements of paper. Seminal pulp machine plays an important role in it.

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